Jirisan, Nogodan Section October 9, 2019

After Suncheon I went to Jirisan the final national park on my list of national parks to visit in Korea. The talNlest peak is located in Jirisan, but I was unable to visit because I didn’t have enough time.

First I went to Suncheon bus terminal to go to Gurye bus terminal. At the bus terminal I would have to take another bus to Nogodan. The bus ticket is more expensive than a regular city bus, but the ticket price to the Jirisan is included in the price.

Gurye bus terminal.

The hike from Nogodan is pretty easy and if you are fit, it’ll take about 1 hour to the top.

More than halfway there is an office where you can get hot water for any ramen you packed and there is a place to get tickets. Apparently there is reservation system to go to the top, but it was broken that day, so I was able to go up without it.

Even though I didn’t get to the highest peak, the views from this peak were amazing. I was able to see the tallest peaks from afar.

The views reminded me of the blue ridge mountains from Virginia.

After taking in the spectacular views, I made my way down to the entrance to hopefully catch the next bus down the mountain.

I found out the next bus be about 2-3 hours later. I was famished so I got some overpriced food and coffee at the local restaurant. I now had a choice to make. Should I wait for the bus or try to hitchhike down. I ended up hitchhiking. A nice couple gave me a ride down to the bottom and then I would have to walk to the bus terminal.

From the bus terminal I took another bus to the train station. I would catch the train to Nonsan and then quickly go to Nonsan bus terminal to catch the bus to Gongju.

This day I accomplished what most people don’t. After this day I can now say that I have visited every national park in Korea. I saved the first national park of Korea for last.


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