Jebudo June 24-25, 2019

Korea has some islands where it is possible to walk to or even drive without a bridge or tunnel. It depends on the tides. Probably the most famous is Jindo which is in the south and difficult to reach.

A closer but smaller island is called Jebudo. Jebudo made the top 100 places of Korea in 2019-2020. I definitely agree it has a spot as long as it doesn’t become to touristy.

There is a paved road that goes from mainland Korea to Jebu island. Jebudo is located in the West Sea off of Gyeonggi province. It is possible to take public transportation, but if you have your own transportation, I would recommend driving as public transportation is far and between.

I drove from Gongju to Jebudo and it is a pretty drive. I drove over a 10km bridge with a lot of speed bumps to discourage speeding.

The bridge in the background

Before going it is important to check the tide times to make sure you aren’t stuck at the wrong time. This site is in Korean, but it tells all the times when it is possible to cross. The crossing or low tide times are in the column to the right of the green line.

It is possible to drive to around Jebudo within 15 minutes. I would recommend sticking to the right side to have the sea on your right. There will be more parking places on the right side after crossing, which will be easy to stop and get out. The western side of the island has the most restaurants and best sties.

There is a short boardwalk that leads to a lighthouse that has amazing views of the sea.

After exploring, it was time for dinner. There weren’t many options for a solo traveler. I got a mussel noodle soup 칼국수. I believe it was 7,000won and it was big.

After I eating, I went to the other end of the beach which had rock formations which I could walk to if the tide was low. However the tide was getting higher.

I had to hurry before I lost the chance, so I jogged across the beach until I got to the rocky part.

I made back in time, to start watching the sunset.

The sunset was absolutely beautiful. After I watched in awe, I had to set up my tent as the tide was high. I ended up setting my tent up on the beach. There are signs in Korean that say beach camping is not allowed, but there were already a couple of tents on the beach, so I went on ahead. There was a small place in the woods where it is possible to camp, but I didn’t do that.

I slept well except for the occasion airplane that flying low to land at Incheon. The next day I woke up early feeling refreshed and to make sure I didn’t miss my opportunity to cross at low tide. I was able to see the sun rise clearly the next day as well.

After crossing the road to get to mainland I parked my car and explored on the other side.

The other side more photo opportunities especially of the road.

Before gong to the island there is a outlook station to see what the sea bed looks like when it is super low tide.

On my way back I stopped in Dangjin and stopped at Sapgyoho Park which would be a good date place in the evening.

I would definitely recommend Jebudo to anyone who is staying in Korea for more than year especially on a summer trip.

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