Local Cafes in lieu of Traveling

I haven’t traveled in Korea since the Coronavirus outbreak in February. Many universities have extended the online classes for the entire 1st semester. All of March and most of April, I stayed in my apartment to prepare for classes. As Korea has done a good job at containing the spread of the virus, I feel safer to go out. I am still not going far, but I am trying new local cafes to do my work.

Cafes are everywhere in Korea, so it is impossible to visit all cafes, but it is important to support the local businesses as much as possible especially in this pandemic.

I still take precautionary measures, such as wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and washing my hands regularly. So before I went out, I put on my mask.

This mask is designed by Korelimited http://www.korelimited.com. Korelimited is a street clothing company based in LA but the designs are Korean. KeepOurRootsEternal. If you are reading my blog I would recommend checking them out and support them. Their clothes are stylish, which I will show off in future blogs. Masks are very important to wear in this time of crisis, so you might as well do it style and comfort.

The cafe I went to is called Lucy’s. It is located in Wonju, Musildong near the Homeplus Express. It is behind the main street, so it could be easy to miss.

The inside is small but attractive. It was quiet as I was the only person for a long time. I was able to do a lot of work that was needed. I ordered a coffee 3,500won and a chocolate macaron 2,200. There was only barista working as it is not a busy cafe and she wore a mask the entire time.

Also don’t forget to ask for a stamp card. If you get 10 coffees, the 11th is free! I will come back, but I also want to try out other local cafes.

Things will take a while to go back to normal, but as long as everyone is polite and takes the proper precautions when going out, then we can support our local business such as cafes and restaurants. You should always wear a mask even if you think it is safe and most likely it is. Use the hand sanitizers at the cafes, restaurants, and stores. These aren’t only to protect yourself but others as well.

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