Cheongtaesan, Hoengseong October 24, 2020

Hoengseong is a small town in Gangwon Province. It is famous for Hanwoo Beef. However it isn’t really known for many other places which is unfortunate. Hoengseong should be on every nature lovers tourist map. This was our second time to Hoengseong this year. The second time was to visit Cheongtaesan Natural Recreation Forest. Baengunsan in Wonju, was good but wasn’t amazing, so Cheongtaesan didn’t have high expectations. However that soon changed.

I attempted to make a better travel VLOG. If you are able to please watch it and comment on it.

Cheongtaesan is the model that all Recreation areas in Korea try to follow as it tries to incorporate man-made things made from nature so people can respect and learn more about the natural surroundings. Cheongtaesan is about 1 hour +- drive from Wonju. The entrance the workers take the temperature of visitors to try to ensure that no one will spread coronavirus.

The facilities and buildings were modern, organized, and clean. They blended into the park naturally and did not take away from the natural beauty. Staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We took a guided nature hike, and we learned much from our guide about trees in the forest and the geology.

The biggest attraction at Cheongtaesan was the Deck Road. It is a wooden platform that goes through the forest to prevent erosion of the mostly trodden path. It goes through an amazing pine tree section of the forest where the pines are towering and letting in the perfect amount of sunlight.

The deck road is probably about 1km up so it took about 15-20 minutes at leisurely pace. There are places to sit and rest for young kids and older family members. It is not steep nor was it slippery. This section was family friendly. There is also arts and crafts for young kids as well parents to enjoy. I was able to make a wooden whistle.

This park was family friendly and I can highly recommend making a trip out here to enjoy the amazing nature. I would love to experience all 4 seasons here, so I will definitely be back as it is convenient and hopefully the coronavirus situation will be more under control.

It is higher in elevation, so make sure you pack warm clothes!

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