Baekunsan Recreational Forest, Wonju October 2, 2020


I’ve lived in Wonju for about 11 years and I haven’t really explored the Baekunsan area, and I wish I did earlier. Wonju is probably most famous for Chiak Mountain National Park (Chiaksan), but Baekunsan is also a National Recreational area which I can highly recommend after my visit, especially if you like hiking.

It is definitely easiest to reach here by car, as I didn’t see any buses or taxis going here. Wonju residents can enter free, and other people have to pay 1,000 won, which is reasonable. We parked at the bottom of the mountain and opted to walk up the road to the entrance of the forest trails. However it is possible to drive all the way up if you want to hike on the trails to conserve your energy.

We didn’t see many people going up or down, but when we did we put on our masks. Since there weren’t many people, this was a great place for peace and quiet. Going up there were a few places to see the river and a beautiful waterfall.

I hiked part of the trail going up the mountain and it wasn’t easy and I didn’t have the proper shoes, so I didn’t make it all the way up to the top. Hyewon didn’t have proper shoes either, but she was able to walk the road comfortably. However I do recommend wearing the proper attire and bringing an extra shirt if you sweat a lot. Also bring enough water as there weren’t any places to refill water bottles or buy going up.

Most pensions were closed because of Covid-19, but there were quite a few cafes that were still open before the entrance of Baekunsan, so there were a number to pick from if you wanted to go to one before or after.

I also tried some vlogging, so I am going to add a video, so please comment and let me know what you like, suggestions, or what I should add for next time.


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