Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park

Mungyeong is located in Gyeongseongbuk Province. It is convenient to get there because there are many highways that pass through Mungyeong. I have been there twice. Once in March 2019 and the second time July 2020. Both times were incredible, but I would like to go again.

Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park was in the top 100 places in 2015. It is not in the top 100, but I think it should be. It is easy to access, it is a great place for solo travel as well as group travel, and it is free to enter. There is a type of road train which I would recommend to travel through the park. It cost 1,000won for per person for one way. There are several hiking spots and short easy treks through the complex.

There are several restaurants and cafes nearby, so you don’t have to worry about packing a lunch. I drove both times but public transportation is doable, though it may take longer.

The first time I went, I didn’t have much time as the sun was setting and the weather turned from rain to snow quickly.

March 2019 the ground was brown, the sky was gloomy, and the river was low. I stayed for about 45 minutes and left to go back home as it was a stop on the way home from work. When I was driving back, it started snowing heavily and my car was covered in snow.

The second time I visited was July 15, 2020 and it was really nice weather. There was some reconstruction going on, so the main gate was not as visible as before. However it was still awesome because of the weather.

There are many attractions to walk to and anyone could easily spend an entire day here walking around. However I decided to visit a waterfall and it didn’t disappoint.

This was a path/trail on the right after passing through the first gate. The waterfall was so tall and the mist sprayed me as I got closer. There were actually two smaller waterfalls before the tallest one, so I was glad I walked a little further.

After spending a short time I walked back down to see some nearby sites around the complex.

There are some movie sets where you can pay a small entrance fee inside if you like Korean dramas. I did not visit these as I was not particularly interested. However the outside looked nice.

Near the front gate there is a small museum and a huge lawn which would be nice for families with kids that have energy to run or couples who just want to have a picnic.

I can highly recommend this place as one of the top 100 places in Korea.

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