Suncheon Bay and National Garden October 9, 2019

October 9 in Korea is a holiday. The holiday is Hangul Day which is the Korean writing alphabet. That year October 9 was a Wednesday, so I made the choice to go to Suncheon by train after my classes finished on October 8. I first went from to Nonsan by bus. Then I walked to the train station and boarded a train to Suncheon. The train was delayed because of strikes that were happening throughout the week.

While on the train, I booked a room in a hostel called Suncheon Station Hostel. I did not take any photos, but the interior was new and clean. There is breakfast that you can prepare for yourself. The dormitory rooms are separated by gender and the room I stay in had only 4 beds with the bathroom in the dormitory room. So if it were full then 4 people would have to share a bathroom. There was only one person in the room with me.

The hostel is literally across the station situated in a nearby alley about a 5 minute walk at most.

I woke up early to get a head start, and prepared fried eggs, toast with jam, and instant coffee. I then went out to the bus stop to wait for the bus to go to Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve/Reed Field. The bus ride took about 30 minutes. I arrived around 6:30 to see the sun starting to rise.

After I departed the bus, I realized the Bay wasn’t even open yet. You are supposed to pay for an entrance ticket, but an older local man said it was okay for me to go through without paying since it was so early. I then went ahead and viewed the sites at the entrance.

The entrance was beautiful, but the bay area is huge, and must be explored thoroughly as it is huge.

My first impression was how similar it looked like Ninh Binh in Vietnam. Both have rivers running through the reeds and rice paddies in the both locations. Both also have mountains in the backdrop.

There were so many places to walk, but instead of walking on the boardwalk, I stayed on land which would take me closer to the actually bay.

There quite a few pathways, but my goal was to see the rising sun over the bay, which I accomplished.

There are farms near the bay with small country roads, so it is easy to get lost and turned around. I enjoyed the views and started to make my way back to the bus stop to go to Suncheon National Garden.

I arrived at the gardens, and again you have to pay, but I was early, and was allowed to go in without paying. I don’t know if that is real case or not. Suncheon National Gardens was beautiful and well planned out. I was able to get some good shots of the entire gardens and part of the Suncheon city in the background.

There were still flowers that were in bloom and there is tunnel full of local students’ artwork.

On the other side of the tunnel there are some mounds located in the water, which were oddly the icon of the gardens, but they meshed well with the gardens.

Suncheon is located all the way south of the Korean peninsula. It is very beautiful and a worthwhile trip if other cities are included in the trip. I stayed in Suncheon for the early part of the morning and I would end up going to Gurye to visit a section of Jirisan that same day, which will be in a different post.

Suncheon is definitely in the top 100 places in Korea, but it wasn’t as special to me since I had already visited Ninh Binh.

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