Danyang, Guinsa, and Cafe Sann 2018, 2019, 2020

This series will be a trilogy rolled into one. Danyang is part of Chungcheong North Province. Chungju, Jecheon, and Danyang are the northern parts of this lovely province. All three of these cities are near Wonju. Chungju and Jecheon border Wonju. In Korea each town and city tries to designate the top 8 must visit places to visit for tourists. Danyang is no different.

I recommended one of my close Canadian friends who was visiting that we visit Danyang on a day trip. We would visit most of the sites, but not all. The top eight places in Danyang are most natural instead of man-made. The first two are the most popular with tourists because of the ease to get there.

I drove us there from Wonju in my car. There were cafes and loud music and lots of tourists enjoying the nice warm weather. I drove us in my red car. The other sites were remarkable as well, but the drive was worth more than anything.

This is a definitely a great day trip, and it would be in the top 100, but in the 90s.

In 2019, Hyewon and I went back to Danyang, but this time to Guinsa.

Since it was cooler, Hyewon recommended that we go to a cafe called Cafe Sann. I was still driving my red sports car. We put it into the GPS on our phones and we got to the road leading to Cafe Sann. Sann means mountain and this cafe was literally on top of a mountain. The road was straight up with a long line of cars. This was going to be no fun in a manual car, so we decided to turn around.

We decided to go to Guinsa which is a huge temple that looked like we were in Nepal or India. We reached a parking lot and had to walk up a road going straight up a mountain, but it was worth it. As the views were amazing.

This year 2020 has been crazy with the Coronavirus. We have been social distancing and wearing masks almost everyday since March. However on May 23 we decided to try to give Cafe Sann one m ore shot. This was our first real trip of 2020, so I wore special clothes that were gifted to me by KORE company which you can see in the photos.

This time we would drive our new automatic car. I still have my red car. There was still a long line to the top, but that was okay. At the top there were too many people to enjoy Cafe Sann. The views however were breath-taking. The coffee and pastries were over priced, so if you stay for a long time please pack a picnic.

The drive here was worth while for the views and it was nice to breath fresh air.

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