Real Coffee Cafe

Last week I wrote about Lucy’s cafe. Today, I will write about Real Coffee. Real Coffee is literally a 1 minute walk away from Lucy’s. I’ve been been here more than Lucy’s. The first time I went here was in April. I went here with Pastor Moon. He is the leader of the English Worship Service at Wonju Jungbu Presbyterian Church. Currently this is my fourth visit as I’m writing this blog.

the outside

There aren’t many customers who come here in the afternoon on a weekday. There are some differences between Real Coffee and Lucy’s. There are fewer tables and it feels smaller which can be good as it deters big groups from going here. Currently there is no food options here, but it can be a good escape from the home life.

The prices are very similar to Lucy’s and the coffee is served in bigger cups. An americano costs 3,500won around $3-3.50. A cafe latte and other specialty coffees cost 4,500 ($4-4.50). The views from the window of Real Coffee are better, but the food options at Lucy’s are better.

It’s good place to do work quietly in a good atmosphere. I will post another blog soon, about another cafe in the area soon, so please read and make comments on my blog posts!

What is your favorite cafe? How often do you go there? What is your favorite item of the menu? What do you usually order? Leave your answers on my blog if possible.

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