Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest 금강자연휴양림

Last week on January 3, 2019, I made a short trip here. I’m working at Gongju University so it was an easy trip with a car.

It is about 12km from Gongju bus terminal. There is a parking lot that you have to pay to park in which is 3,000won. However, since it was a weekday and in the winter there weren’t a lot of people so I drove up the road a bit and parked there. I checked for cameras and there weren’t any. It’s important to do so or you could get a ticket in the mail. It was probably probably about 400 meters from the ticket booth, so it was an easy walk.

This gate is in the park and my car was just on the other side. The entrance fee was 1,500won. I think this is a reasonable price for what I saw.

I did a short hike up the small mountain first.

I was able to see views like this. I think it will be different each season and pretty good for a day trip if you are in the area.

I walked a bit more to and there was an animal village. There were goats, sheep, a donkey, monkeys, raccoons, and some other animals.

raccoon dog goats

After I went down and most of the plants weren’t green as it was winter.

So I visited a museum. It is in Korean but depending on the weather it can be a break from the cold or the heat.

There is also a green house which is in a dome.

This was interesting but there aren’t places to sit inside. The plants are quite interesting but I wish there were benches as this would be a nice place to take a rest.

Overall this is a good place to visit if you are in the area. I spent about a hour and a half here but I recommend 2 and a half hours at least depending on your speed and who you are with. I have been to other gardens in Korea and even though this is a good one, it’s not the best so I wouldn’t make a trip only for this.

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